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Exciting & Fun Swing Dance Lessons in Orange City, Florida

At Arthur Murray Dance Centers - Orange City, we’ll teach you the hopping excitement of Swing dances. Swing is a national pastime that began during the heyday of American jazz. Our instructors cover a wide array of Swing dances like the jive, East and West Coast Swings, and many more. If you’re looking for an exuberant social dance that keeps you moving, look no further than the great American Swing dance tradition to satisfy your needs. Learn how to spin and flip your partner with confidence and flair. You’re guaranteed to have a swinging good time.

couple enjoying dance class

Which Type of Swing Dance Do You Want to Learn?

Swing dance developed during the jazz era of the 1920s, and the hip and happening moves of Swing dance continue to attract dancers of all kinds to this day. This dance form will never go out of style—Swing is here to stay. We teach the different types of Swing. All you need to do is decide which is right for you.

Learn Which Swing Dance Is Right for You

Lindy Hop

An exciting form of Swing dating to 1930s Harlem that takes inspiration from tap, jazz, and the infamous Charleston!


Danced to both Swing and early rock 'n' roll, a rollicking tradition featuring kicks and bounces.

East and West Coast Swing

We teach both types of this popular Swing dance. East and West Coast Swings are fun and celebratory social dances.

Experience the Rich American Tradition of Swing Dance

If you want to learn how to Swing dance, look no further than our world-class dance lessons. Our dance instructors will show you what you need to pull off the perfect Swing dance move. Our dance team will give you dance lessons in a comfortable and judgment-free environment, no matter your talent or skill level. Get ready to experience the excitement of Swing dancing. You will love it.

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