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Expert and Friendly Latin Dance Lessons in Orange City, FL

Arthur Murray Dance Centers - Orange City is a world-class dance center in Orange City, FL. Latin dances offer an eclectic array of moves and techniques that will have you sizzling on the dance floor. Our expert dance instructors are skilled in Salsa, Merengue, and many more Latin-style dances. If you and your partner are ready to dive into the vibrant world of Latin dance, look no further than our professionals to help you. We are a judgment-free dance center that welcomes and accommodates all skill levels. Our dance lessons are filled with fun and excitement. You’ll leave the dance center with fresh confidence and incredible dance skills that are sure to impress.

couple enjoying dance class

We Teach a Variety of Latin Dances

Latin dances are a huge phenomenon all around the world. Inspired by many traditions, forms of music, and techniques, Latin dance offers a unique experience for everybody. Look at what types of Latin dances we provide and decide which you want to learn today:


Experience the wide range of influences included in Salsa dancing. Incorporating jazz, rock, and Cuban flavor elements, Salsa is a rich and exciting social dance sure to have you and your partner having fun.


With roots in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, Merengue involves a 2/4-time signature and simple steps, which you can build on with your creative choices. It’s fun, fast, and easy to learn for new or skilled dancers.

Ask About Our Other Latin Dance Offers

Want to learn a new or different Latin dance form? We offer a broad selection of Latin dances that you and your partner will love. Get ready to thrill yourself and others on the dance floor by learning the art of Latin dances.

Choose Which Latin Dance Is Right for You

Latin dance offers something for every dancer regardless of skill level. Our dance instructors will make your Latin dance experience one you’ll never forget. Take lessons and embrace the fun-filled art of Latin dance. You and your partner are guaranteed to love them.

First Dance Lesson $29