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Fun, Expert Country Dance Lessons

Arthur Murray Dance Centers - Orange City teaches the art of country dances in Orange City, Florida. Put on your ten-gallon hat and cowboy boots because our skilled dance instructors are waiting and ready to teach you the ins and outs of country dances for a bootin’, scootin’ good time. Whether you’re preparing to dance at the barn, bar, honky-tonk, or any upcoming event, our instructors have the necessary experience to show you the ropes of country dances. From country swing to cha cha, we are the right choice for country dance lessons. We can’t wait to bring out the inner buckaroo within you and your partner.

couples enjoying dance class

Five Different Types of Country Dances

Country dances are naturally humble and easy-going. You don’t need anything fancy to dance country. All you need is a pair of cowboy boots and your most comfortable pair of jeans, and you are ready to start dancing. Country dancing’s carefree attitude helps dancers of all skill levels relax and have a great night out at the honky-tonk. It’s a great way to meet and socialize with other dancers.

Learn Which Country Dance Is Right for You

Country Swing

Add some rollicking country swagger to your dancing by taking lessons on the rich American tradition of country swing dance.


Whether you’re the dance leader or follower, this classic country dance is bound to please you and your partner.

Country Waltz

Learn the correct posture and stance that defines the humble grace of the country waltz.

Country Shuffle or Three-Step

Engage in the versatility of the country shuffle and three-step traditions.

Country Cha Cha

Learn all the right moves and steps for a successful country cha cha and a great time out on the dance floor.

Country Dancing Guarantees a Wonderful Night Out

Our professional dance instructors are excited to give you the most comprehensive country dance lessons out there. Don’t worry about being judged; our instructors are welcoming, friendly, and able to take your dancing to the next level, no matter your skills. Trust us to provide you with an excellent country dancing and learning experience.

First Dance Lesson $29