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Fun and Professional Ballroom Lessons in Orange City, FL

Arthur Murray Dance Centers - Orange City is a professional dance center in Orange City, FL. Ballroom dance dates to the 16th century, but its popularity continues today. Dancers of all skill levels love ballroom for its exciting variety of moves, steps, and patterns. Our team of expert dance instructors will teach you and your partner how to glide across the floor with perfect posture and poise. They’ll show you the grace, vigor, and finesse it takes to move in unison with the rhythm. You and your partner will learn the thrill and magic of ballroom dancing step by step.

mature couple dancing in ballroom

Why Ballroom Dancing Is Perfect for You

Ballroom dance is a centuries-old style that is still popular with beginning and professional dancers alike. We cannot overestimate its impact on the world of dance.  Here’s why ballroom dance thrives to this day:

Ballroom Dance Is a Versatile Dance Form

Over time, it has evolved by adding steps and routines from other dances to its repertoire. Ballroom dance contains multitudes.

Ballroom Dance Is a Social Dance Form

Whether for recreation or competition, ballroom dancing involves several pairs of dancers following the same or similar dance patterns. It requires group cooperation and participation to work.

Ballroom Dance Boosts Mental and Physical Health

Ballroom dancing exercises both body and mind. The dance’s physical movement, along with its concentration on balance and posture, reduces stress and stimulates the mind.

You Will Love Our Ballroom Dance Lessons

Whether you want to socialize, improve your mental well-being, indulge in a new experience, or all of the above, ballroom dance is sure to satisfy your needs. Our world-class dancing instructors will meet you at your level and provide you with the lessons necessary to take your ballroom dancing to the next phase. You will push your limits and bring out the best of your abilities. You’ll surprise yourself by discovering your dancing talents and what you can offer.

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