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Unique and Exciting Dance Styles in Orange City, FL

Arthur Murray Dance Centers - Orange City offers lessons on many different dance styles in Orange City, FL. Our dance instructors come from all walks of life and backgrounds. They bring their specific expertise and talents to our center every day. If you want to learn a particular dance style, we have an instructor available to meet your needs. Our instructors are passionate about teaching moves and bringing out the talents you have inside. We are ready to aid you on your dance journey and help you discover yourself. We love to dance, and we want you to love it, too.

ballroom dancing

We Teach Dances From All Over the World

Dancing is a truly universal language. Every culture in the world practices some form of dance. It’s a way to express feeling, emotion, and skill with other human beings. We offer lessons for a wide array of dances popular around the world. Our instructors are well-versed on each of them and offer their skill sets to develop yours. Whether you’re looking to swing or tango, our dance center will spark your curiosity and a lasting passion for years to come. Here are the dances we currently teach.

Learn Which Style Is Right for You

Latin Dances
Ballroom Dances
Swing Dances
Country Dances

Dance Lessons Will Improve Your Life

Dance lessons are an excellent way to have fun, add to your list of life skills, and boost your sense of contentment and happiness. Instructors at our dance center go above and beyond by helping you develop as a dancer and a person. The confidence nurtured from our lessons positively impacts every aspect of our students’ lives, including work, home, and relationships. You’ll come away from our lessons with a renewed sense of well-being and purpose. We strive to help you make positive changes to your life and share your growth with the rest of the world.

First Dance Lesson $29