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A Lasting Legacy of Expert Dance Lessons in Orange City, FL

Our world-class dance studio is proud to be a part of the Arthur Murray franchise, which was founded by visionary ballroom dancer and entrepreneur Arthur Murray. Murray’s innovative marketing and advertising fundamentally changed dance by offering everyday people the chance to learn new and different forms quickly and easily. Murray made the art of dance accessible for everyone. What started as the American dream blossomed into a rich American tradition with locations and influence all over the globe. Arthur Murray made the world of dance – and the world at large – a better place to be. His massive impact continues today.

mature couple dancing in ballroom

A Proven Process Taught by Professionals

We offer a step-by-step process that aims to get you to the next level of your dancing skills. We make incoming dancers great and great dancers better. Our private and group lessons are taught by world-class dance instructors and designed to accommodate you. We are proud of and cherish every student that walks through our doors, and we host frequent showcases where students perform and present the dances they’ve learned during their time with us. Our dance programs are tailored to students’ specific wants and needs, so they can control their experience and become the dancer they’ve dreamed they could be.

Comfortable and Welcoming Dance Lessons

Arthur Murry sought to bring dance to the masses in a fun and exciting way, and that goal has never changed. We are passionate about bringing the joy and wonder of dance to people of all backgrounds and life stories. Dance is a universal expression that everyone should experience. We’ll teach you to dance in a comfortable and accepting environment. Our instructors know how to evaluate your current skill level and use it as a foundation for building your abilities. After you’ve spent time with our instructors, you will fall in love with dance forever. Get ready to experience the thrill of dance for years to come.

First Dance Lesson $29